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Section for unidentified remains

Missing in Ireland Support Services website features facial sketches,
reconstruction and personal items belonging to unidentified dead found in
Ireland.  We do not display any other types of images but nonetheless the
material covered in this section may be disturbing to some viewers.

It is our objective that all unidentified bodies must be cross matched with
missing person reports.  We hope to accomplish this by giving the cases
exposure on our website, by being vigilant for clues on all missing and
unidentified cases anywhere in the world and making possible matches between
missing and unidentified persons and finally attempting to get media
coverage for all unidentified cases. 

The scale of unidentified bodies in Ireland is not clear, it is a silent
crisis.  No inquests have taken place and no DNA profiles exist for the many
who have been laid to rest in cemeteries without anyone ever knowing their
names.   The cases featured on our website are only the tip of the iceberg
and some stretch back over many years and the cause of death may have varied
from suicide to murder.

Some of our unidentified dead may have come to Ireland to start or end their
life where no one knew them, others may have just been passing through when
they ran into trouble and others may have been washed up onto our shores or
found in our rivers but each one has left family and friends behind, who
reported them missing locally but no one at the time made any connection
between the missing person and the unidentified body found elsewhere.

These people deserve their name so if you can help *please* look at the
images on our website – somewhere there is a mother or father or people who
loved them, who think about them everyday, weep for them, see them in their
dreams and wonder where they are – help them to get closure for their
missing loved one.

Anyone with information on any of the cases may call the helpline.

We acknowledge the assistance of Barry Cummins, author of several books on missing persons in the compilation of this information.

Unidentified Remains Cases

Unidentified woman in County Wexford

An unidentified woman whose body was washed ashore in County Wexford in December 1995 was wearing a pair of Lee jeans with this diamond-shaped motif on the back pocket.