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There are many reasons why a person may go missing. As mentioned previously, going missing usually does not involve any sort of crime being committed.

A person may go missing out of desperation, they may feel angry, or they may feel that those left behind are better off without them around.

However, words can not express the sense of loss, worry, and guilt that may result from a person going missing. If you are reading this and you believe that your family and/or friends may be concerned about your welfare and whereabouts, we urge you to make contact with them somehow.

You have a number of options:

  • Call or write them a letter, containing in this letter information which only you and the receiver would be likely to know (i.e. to prove it’s not a crank call or letter)

  • Contact a Garda/Police station and explain the situation to them. The Police can ensure that you are alright and pass along a message to this effect without giving out your whereabouts (assuming you are an adult and are considered independent in this regard)

  • If you are willing to speak with someone, you can call our Helpline number on 1800 442 552

  • If, for whatever reason, you have decided to live your life in a different way and different place, you may be most at ease in doing this if those who care about you know that you are safe and well. We can help in trying to ensure that this is the case.

​If you are missing, call us on 1800 442 552

Are you a Missing PersoN

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