dealing with the gardai

There is certain information that Gardai will ask you to provide, including:

  • The persons full name and any aliases they use

  • Place and date of birth


  • A complete description of the person including any distinguishing features, such as tattoos, birth marks or scars

  • A recent, clear and preferably colour photograph

  • Details of where and when the person was last seen or heard from

  • What the person was wearing including any jewellery

  • A contact list of the persons friends, relatives and colleagues

  • A list of places the person frequents such as clubs, shopping centres, hotels, parks, amusement arcades or restaurants

  • Bank account and credit card details

  • Details of any vehicle owned or used by the person

  • Details of any medications the person may require and what it is used to treat

Are there any other agencies that can help?

Depending on the circumstances, you may choose to request the services of tracing organisations such as the Salvation Army or International Missing Persons Organisations.


These agencies may not require the same information as Gardai. They could ask for other details, especially if the person was last seen or heard from while overseas or living in a conflict zone or natural disaster area.

Other agencies may be in a position to provide assistance by publishing photos of the Missing Person on their website, these include the Irish Missing Persons Association and the UK Missing People Helpline – contact details for these organisations are shown in our Links section.

Keep a comprehensive contact list of people involved in the search, including tracing organisation personnel and the name, rank, station and contact details of Gardai/Police.