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When someone you care about is missing it is often hard to know what you should do. The first step is to file a report with the Gardaí if you have concerns for the safety and welfare of your missing family member or friend.

The following pointers should help you when dealing with a missing loved one or friend and in assisting with a search:


Helping with the search

Many families and friends of missing people say they gain a sense of control, direction and purpose by “keeping busy”. You may feel the need to perform random searches, it is best to maintain a structured approach and make use of resources available to you.

It is strongly recommended to check with Gardaí before you undertake any search and inform them of your progress.

All physical searches should be undertaken in an organised and safe manner. Stay safe – do not enter or search dangerous areas alone.

Properly trained and resourced search groups are located throughout the country and will  respond to a Garda request.

Keep records

Keep details of all the organisations you contact for help including support services. Record specific details of any inquiries you conduct and people you speak to.

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