Over 9,000 people in Ireland are typically reported as missing to Gardaí every year.


Despite the importance of the role of the Gardaí and various other organisations and services working in this area, the public can also help by becoming more aware of missing persons cases. We encourage everyone who visit this website to look through the full list of missing persons website profiles.

This list is comprised of missing persons cases resulting in Gardaí public appeals for information and other cases where written requests have been made by family members to have their missing relative’s details placed on our website. If a family member of a missing person would like to avail of our website profile function, please call or write to us (either by post or email). We will discuss your needs and will ask you to provide a written request to have your family member’s details added to our website. This is for data protection purposes.

please click on the counties to view lists of missing persons from each area
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