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ireland's missing persons

Over 10,000 Missing Person reports are made to Gardaí every year, however many of these cases are not publicised, for a variety of reasons. 

Despite the importance of the role of the Gardaí and various other organisations and services working in this area, the public can also help by becoming more aware of missing persons cases. We encourage everyone who visits this website to look through the full list of missing persons website profiles. This list is comprised of missing persons cases resulting in Gardaí public appeals for information.  

PLEASE NOTE:  in order to comply with Data Protection and privacy legislation, the National Missing Persons Helpline can only publish details of cases which have been the subject of Garda Missing Persons public appeals.  It is not a crime to go missing and there are many reasons why people do so, each report must be risk assessed in order to ensure that where there is a perceived risk to the safety of an individual, appropriate protocols are followed.

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