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  • Become a Member

The National Missing Persons Helpline is always glad to welcome new members to our organisation. A member, as opposed to a volunteer, is invited to, and can vote at, our Annual General Meeting. They therefore have a say in how the Organisation is run and can vote for members of the Board. They will also be kept updated on The National Missing Persons Helpline events through occasional newsletters posted out to them.


Membership costs only €5 per year (for postage/administrative costs). If you would like to become a member, please contact our Helpline Coordinator Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm for a memberships form to be posted or emailed to you.

  • Volunteer

Our volunteers contribute to our work in a variety of roles, none of which receive any form of remuneration.

Call taking – providing telephone advice and assistance outside of our office hours  (10am-2pm Monday to Friday ) and at weekends.

Social Media/IT – for persons with a particular skillset or qualifications, providing assistance in the day to day operation of our website and Facebook page.

Board membership – our Board of Directors/Trustees are elected at our Annual General Meeting. 

  • Current Vacancies

We would like to hear from persons with relevant experience of Charity Board membership, particularly at National level. For further information please contact

1800 442 552.

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