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Looking after the missing persons affairs

While inquiries are being carried out, there are several jobs that you may need to take care of on behalf of your missing relative or friend.

Some of these suggestions might not apply to your situation at this particular time but could be useful at a later stage.

Inform the necessary people

Notify the missing person’s employer, school, club or business associates.

Try and cancel any social engagements, business appointments or travel plans the missing person may have scheduled in the near future.


Personal property

If the missing person lives alone, arrange for someone to collect their mail and attend to the upkeep of their property.

Have someone take care of the missing person’s pets if they have any.

If someone will be driving the missing person’s car, make sure they have adequate insurance and the authority to make a claim.


Arrange for payment of the missing person’s mortgage, rent, bills or other financial obligations.

Ask your case officer if the missing person’s bank account(s) should be closed. In some cases, Gardai may elect to keep them open for monitoring.

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